How G2Lytics nForce Works

G2Lytics’ nForce platform specializes in machine learning enhanced approaches that target, detect, and report fraud and noncompliant behavior. We leverage the AWS GovCloud, where security and scalability are paramount. nForce offers data processing, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to provide value to clients by activating and accelerating data manipulation. The intelligence gathering process dives deeper and faster to create actionable insight when time is critical and results are urgent. Customized analytics, powerful visualizations, and artificial intelligence assisted solutions combine to power the G2Lytics’ platform.

Fraud is never defeated. It simply reappears in different forms as the violators attempt to stay ahead of enforcement. nForce is designed to quickly and methodically detect and recognize many associations that other products do not. The process remains under constant improvement throughout a life cycle that encourages a client to actively engage in a continuous exchange of intelligence enhancements and identity techniques. This is further enhanced by supervised and unsupervised machine learning that constantly identify new and ever changing fraud schemes. As a relationship matures, intelligence becomes increasingly more effective, valuable, and actionable.

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An Artificial Intelligence Accelerator for Government and Enterprise Applications

Trade Based Money Laundering

G2Lytics supplements the lack of resources available to stretched federal agencies to comprehensively view the massive amounts of data and information that must be processed, matched, and analyzed. G2L’s experience, and analytics techniques quickly identify “red flags” and additional anomalies present in the massive data sets that detect improper transfer pricing costs. This problem alone costs the Federal Government billions of dollars in uncollected taxes annually, is used to launder the proceeds of illegal activities, and may allow funding of terrorist activities across national borders.

OFAC and Sanctions Enforcement

Using proprietary fraud algorithms and red flag identification techniques, G2Lytics can assist the national security and financial intelligence bodies that regulate and sanction individuals and entities from foreign states who have been involved in some kind of fraudulent and non-compliant activity, such as drug trafficking, terrorism, terror funding, money laundering, and more.

Government Funded Projects

Covid relief, PPP, Infrastructure and other programs have urgently and inefficiently pushed TRILLIONS of dollars into the economy, creating unprecedented and unfettered fraud that traditional detection and prevention methodologies can not identify. Using the same fraud analytics as in other fraud applications, G2Lytics greatly enhances and expedites the agency’s ability to detect and act on violations, recover fraudulent funds and prosecute offenders.

Customs and Borders

G2Lytics’s fraud analytics greatly enhance the ability to identify importers who inaccurately report the type, value, and country of origin for the merchandise they bring into the U.S. and make sure they are paying the right import duties. But unscrupulous importers find many ways to subvert the government and gain an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Trade Management and Export Controls

G2Lytics systems are adept at identifying “red flags” consistent with trade and export and merge these flags with algorithms and data sets that quickly identify actionable violations and suspect transactions.


G2Lytics' advanced analytical methodologies can pinpoint and quantify learning loss, unnecessary education spending, and school performance. Empowering state and local governments to spend efficiently and effectively to combat the setbacks caused by COVID virtual schooling and ineffective spending.


Combat rising administrative costs and wastes using G2Lytics analytics platform. Using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and data engineering, discover unnecessary spending that is not benefitting patient outcomes while wasting healthcare dollars and efforts.


Emerging blockchain applications will demand aggressive analytics to combat fraud and non-compliance. G2Lytics leverages its advanced analytics and artificial intelligence platform to deliver insightful analytics regarding blockchain applications.

State and Municipal Tax

State and municipal taxing agencies lack an ability to detect and prevent tax violations including internet sales among other more traditional tax violations. G2Lytics offers an unparalleled partnership program designed for tax agencies focused on identifying and quantifying merchant-specific outstanding tax obligations while mitigating instances of false positives.

What Differentiates nForce From Other AI Platforms

Fraud targeted AI requires a unique ability to cleanse and harmonize the relevant data, followed with one of a kind subject matter expertise resulting in a disciplined understanding of data anomalies and trends. This understanding of how and what to identify specific to fraud is where G2Lytics excels. Whether locating fraud in trade-based money laundering, export controls or government funded programs, our subject matter expertise is critical to targeting, identifying and delivering clear and present actionable intelligence. G2Lytics reporting platforms can be used to visually explore data, identify intended and unintended suspicious activity and return results in highly intelligible and actionable formats. Continuous client feedback and validated data results are used to train more accurate and precise algorithms in a continuous improvement lifecycle.


G2Lytics fully understands and agrees with the necessity to safeguard all taxpayer information,and as such, provides the only Sales Tax Compliance System, and Trade Based Money Laundering Identification System available that meets the rigorous requirements of SOC 2 Type 2 with IRS 1075 Overlay and CIS Level 1 on our nForce platform.