Responsible & Trusted AI and UX Concepts For Public Sector Missions

We prioritize responsible AI, using proven deterministic data analytics and machine learning, and delivered on a highly optimized user access and visualization dashboard to detect, segment, and rapidly report data anomalies related to fentanyl, trafficking, commodities, finance, and other aspects of trade-based money laundering. The anomalies identify transactions and provide insights into shipments, activities, and the criminal networks, organizations, businesses, and individuals that support them. We are committed to supporting the critical missions of federal agencies responsible for safeguarding US national security and state tax revenue agencies.

We highly value the recent federal and state initiatives to recognize and award private sector small businesses the opportunity to accelerate digital innovation. Our 7-plus years of experience and development in this field allow us to expedite POCs and eventual platforms for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies centered on detecting trade and fraud-based anomalies, providing relevant and timely data to agents and agencies. Properly implemented AI, along with optimized user flexibility and access, can act as a force multiplier and expedite the innovation aspirations of the federal mission to detect, communicate, report, and close increased numbers of cases, prosecutions, and seizures.

Various POCs and prototypes available upon request

Digital Modernization Is A Process

Expert Strategy, Advisory, and Collaboration

A Global team of tech strategists, industry and subject matter experts with agency collaboration accelerate and insure mission executables.

Specialized Design & Engineering teams

Analytical Management, Data Engineers, UX Strategists, Visual Designers and Full-Stack Engineers, enable your use case to leverage the full force of these teams in efficient and managed sprints.

Cutting-Edge Processes and Methodologies

We help our agency partners adopt and apply the right processes and methodologies and help infuse them into the agency’s DNA to fundamentally change how it operates, executes and delivers the mission objectives in a continuous improvement cycle.

Deliver Secure and Rich Actionable Intelligence When and Where Required

TMBL Dashboard

G2Lytics’ Core Capabilities

We provide deeper insight into client data using big data analytics, statistical analysis and machine learning. Our technology uses sophisticated AI/Machine Learning fraud techniques to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud that threaten the critical and growing challenges to national security, tax gap, sanctions evasion, illicit financial transactions and healthcare efficacy.

G2Lytics is a proud AWS GovCloud Partner

  • Guarantees G2Lytics’ immense amount of required processing power and storage scale
  • Supports secure, encripted storage of sensitive data
  • Compliant with IRS 1075 security requirements