Capabilities Statement

G2Lytics is a big data analytics company that specializes in machine learning enhanced approaches to discovering fraud, mispricing, and noncompliant behavior. The nForce™ fraud platform provides deeper insight into client data using big data analytics, statistical analysis, and machine learning. Utilizing its cloud-based technology platform, G2Lytics can ingest data of any size. The data can then be processed, cleansed, and prepared for customer reporting and further analysis. The automated processes move the data through the ingestion and processing stages rapidly, with no downtime. Feature engineering prepares new data features that will be more insightful to end users and more relevant for the machine learning and statistical processes to follow.

Unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms are applied to the processed data. G2Lytics cloud-based platform can leverage essentially infinite computing power to apply intensive algorithms to entire data sets with no requirement to segment or batch the data beforehand. For fraud detection, outlier detection, and anomaly analysis, this means that the clients’ entire data set can be analyzed. Fraudulent and anomalous patterns are identified and flagged to produce additional data points.

G2Lytics reporting platforms can be used to visually explore data, identify suspicious activity, and integrate the results into the clients’ data platforms. This reporting data can be returned in report form, as a user interface, flat file, or database structure as per the clients’ needs. Client feedback and validated data results are used to train more accurate and precise algorithms in a continuous improvement lifecycle.


G2Lytics’ Core Capabilities

We provide deeper insight into client data using big data analytics, statistical analysis and machine learning. Our technology uses sophisticated AI/Machine Learning fraud techniques to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud that threaten the critical and growing challenges to national security, tax gap, sanctions evasion, illicit financial transactions and healthcare efficacy.

G2Lytics is a proud AWS GovCloud Partner

  • Guarantees G2Lytics’ immense amount of required processing power and storage scale
  • Supports secure, encripted storage of sensitive data
  • Compliant with IRS 1075 security requirements