Press Release – Avenu Insights and G2Lytics

G2Lytics (G2), a leading data science provider to government revenue agencies, announced today that it has entered into a Master Services Agreement with Avenu Insights and Analytics (Avenu). Using its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics platform, G2 will provide Avenu with deeper analytic support relating to business license and sales tax compliance.

“Avenu partners with state and local governments to maximize revenue streams through compliance, auditing, and administration solutions,” said Ed Braswell, Chairman of G2Lytics. “We will deepen Avenu’s services by providing additional and in-depth data analysis to increase the efficiencies of unremitted tax revenue for their clients.”

G2Lytics leverages it’s unique, industry leading position of merging artificial intelligence, data, and automation to provide actionable intelligence to governments of all sizes. G2’s solutions employ a variety of proprietary technologies, including those using machine learning to not only be a force multiplier for their clients, but also to provide valuable insights that previously have not been obtainable.
“Our partnership with G2Lytics will enable us to further enhance how we provide actionable revenue insight to our clients,” shared, Paul Colangelo, Avenu CEO. “We look forward to leveraging our data together to help local governments identify, quantify, and maximize tax compliance.

About Avenu Insights & Analytics
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